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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery ModelOur eyes reveal a lot about us, expressing our emotions and reflecting our years. Blepharoplasty, often called eyelid surgery, by Port Moody plastic surgeon Dr. H. Ukani can refresh this delicate area of the face, restoring a well-rested, alert look to eyes that appear tired, puffy, or aged. Eyelid surgery provides patients from Coquitlam and Surrey, BC, and surrounding areas, wonderful results on its own or as a complement to other cosmetic treatments.

If you'd like to learn more about how eyelid surgery with Dr. Ukani can brighten and rejuvenate your face, request a consultation using our online form, or give the office a call at (604) 931-1893.

Are You a Candidate?

The best candidates for eyelid surgery are healthy men and women who wish to improve the appearance of their upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Dr. Ukani customizes blepharoplasty to address many concerns, including:

  • Fatty deposits responsible for a puffy appearance
  • Sagging or lax skin around the eyes that may be severe enough to impair vision
  • Fine lines and wrinkles of the lower eyelid, including skin with a "crepey" texture
  • Under-eye bags
  • A sagging or droopy lower lid

During your consultation, Dr. Ukani carefully evaluates the area around your eyes. Depending on your goals, he may suggest alternative or complementary options, such as injectable fillers to create your ideal result.

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With his extensive training and ongoing experience, Dr. H. Ukani is known throughout Vancouver for creating stunning results through advanced surgical techniques. Learn more about Dr. Ukani's professional credentials and practice philosophy.

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Your Eyelid Surgery Procedure

There are several possible approaches to eyelid surgery, and which one is best for you depends largely on your goals and anatomy. Dr. Ukani thoroughly explains the specifics of your procedure prior to your surgery date.

If the surgery involves the upper eyelid, the incision is made along the natural crease, ensuring that it heals as a discreet scar. In the case of lower eyelid surgery, the incision may be made just below the lower lash line or even within the eyelid. Once the incisions have been made, Dr. Ukani removes or repositions underlying fat and tissue. He may surgically tighten the muscles and remove excess skin for a smooth, natural-looking contour. Once he is satisfied with the placement of the remaining tissue, he closes the incisions with sutures.

Your Recovery

The Vancouver blepharoplasty patients of Dr. Ukani are generally pleased to see that their results seem to transform their faces, giving them a more youthful, alert appearance. Blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure, although patients are advised to rest at home for several days with their heads elevated.

Most eyelid surgery patients feel well enough to return to work after about 10 days. Although bruising and discolouration may persist, these effects can usually be adequately covered by makeup. Vigorous exercise and other activities that raise blood pressure should be delayed for about 3 weeks. Dr. Ukani provides each patient with a more specific timeline based on the particulars of his or her procedure.

By closely following Dr. Ukani's postoperative instructions and practicing good sun protection habits, patients can maintain the results of their procedures for many years. Although the procedure delays the aging process, it does not stop it completely. Patients may wish to periodically "touch up" their results with the help of non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX COSMETIC® or injectable fillers.

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